Indoor Concessions off to great start

posted Dec 16, 2015, 7:44 AM by Lance Cole

Early Indoor Concessions UPDATE from Bonnie -

Good day Wonderful Volunteer:

Below is a list of the concessions held during the winter sports season so far:

11/30/2015    Girl's JV/V Basketball vs. Groton:     $  236.06

12/2/2015    Boy's JV/V Basketball vs. Moravia:    $ 476.63

12/3/2015   Boy's Swim vs. Watkins Glen:  $  30.25

12/8/2015   Boy's JV/V Basketball vs. Whitney Point:   $  481.00

12/11/2015   Girl's JV/V Basketball  vs. Lansing:   $  321.50

12/14/2015   Wrestling vs. Tioga:    $  173.00


12/14/2015   Boy's JV/V Basketball vs. Groton:  $  608.00

A huge thank you to all of our volunteers:

Dawn Gonzalez

Michele Wendel

Liz Winfield

Tina Phillips

Beth Peck

Deana Madigan

Claudia Wojcinski

Rick Wojcinski

Don Miller

Misty Perry

Dawn Tordel

Shirley Leonard

Meegan Teeter

Lance Cole

Cheryl Hoyte

and of course my wonderful husband, Don Scutt


We couldn't run these concession stands without all of our volunteers who give of their time (which is doubly precious during the holidays) and for that we are truly thankful.

On behalf of myself and DSB, we wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanza, and Happy Happy Holidays!!!


Bonnie Scutt

DSB Concessions