2013 IAC Track Championships

posted Jul 13, 2014, 10:28 AM by Lance Cole   [ updated Jul 13, 2014, 10:28 AM ]

The Dryden Sports Boosters would like to thank all those that volunteered their time to help out at the 2013 IAC Track Championships.  Another great fund raiser for the boosters and Dryden Sports. 

Players and Parents represented most sports.  There was a big turnout from Baseball, Girls Lacrosse, Boys Wrestling and Golf.

Day 1 - Sharon Wimer,Julie Whitaker,Cathy Schuler,Dytonya Dapp,Aleshia Rauch,Eddie McOwen,Derek Barr,Marty Gardner,Loree McOwen,Don Scutt,Bonnie Scutt,Diedra Harkenrider,Lance Cole,Lily Lynch,Emily DeLucia,Maggie Cole,Stephanie Parker,Pascaline Ianthies,Thea Simonet,Kalie Rauch,Vanessa Scott,Hannah Enslow,Marissa Ramos,Kaulea Deacker,Maggie Stafford,Bailey McOwen,

Day 2 – Justen Geddes,Coach Kim Brown,Noah Welgoss,Derek Wilson,John Whitmore,Drew Wojcinski,Alan Davis,Brian Colbert,Brandon Gold,Hunter Senecal,Jeff Colbert,Tiffany Strickland,Melissa Kelchner,Jenn Casterline ,Dytonya Dapp,Corey Lanahan,Fred Casterline,Loree McOwen,Jerry Goodenough,Lance Cole,Charlie Dardia,Amy Levere,Diedra Harkenrider,Don Scutt,Bonnie Scutt,Molly Arnold,Caren Arnold,Mason Arnold,Victoria Leyburn,Kathy DeLucia,Bailey McOwen,Katie Harvey,Chris Bellezza